New Moo Luxe Business Cards

I just received by new Russell Photography Luxe business cards by Moo.  The presentation, appearance and all far exceeded my expectations!  These things are SO nice.  When i first opened the box, there was this little treasure chest looking box with a Purple ribbon around it with a melted wax looking stamp.  It took a minute to take the purple ribbon off the box, but when i did, it opened up to some really nice business card.

The Luxe Business cards are really nice.  They are quite a bit thicker than a regular business card.  I also really like how the pictures on the back side are printed on matte cards.


I am VERY pleased with my purchase from Moo.  I can’t wait to get these out to everyone.





I also ordered a business card holder.  This hold 9 Luxe business cards or 18-20 regular business cards, i think.  The case has a nice outside coating of light colored leather.  It stays close by way of magnets.  When you open it up, is has a nice brushed aluminum housing for the cards.  Along with dark leather inside.


Great job (@overheardatmoo)!!!!!  I could be happier with the out come of these cards.  I will be back for sure!!  Looking to do some other items with them too.  Go and check them out @


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