First Farmer’s Market.


I just got home from a really great weekend.  My fiance and I headed over to Port Orange this weekend to stay with her family for her brother’s birthday.  He turned 17 years old.  On saturday morning @ 8am, I headed up to the Port Orange Pavilion, and setup for my first Farmer’s Market.  My fiance’s family let me borrow a pop-up tent, so that was really awesome.  I’m still saving up to get one of those.  I’ve realized that i’m going to have to have one to start being able to do more art & craft shows, as most of the places require you to have one.  I thought the setup look pretty nice for the first time.  I also found out that the cheap plastic picture frame easels/holders, do not work worth a shit.  That’s truly when you get what you pay for.

Overall though, I had a great time. I didn’t get to sell much, but there really wasn’t a lot of traffic.  Plus, it was the day before Easter.  But i’m happy for the simple fact that I got to setup a booth, try out the stands and what not.  It was a great experience and was able to better prepare me for the next one.  Which will be on April 20th.  There is also going to be a Relay For Life there.  So, i’m hoping that it will bring in lots of traffic!  We shall see.  Keep your eyes open for an update in the future.   Cheers!



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