My Gear

I’m currently on my 2nd Digital SLR camera, a Canon 60d.  I first started out with the Canon T3, which was about 2 years ago.  But that was ruined, along with all of my other equipment (including my computer with all my pictures) when a storm came through Central Florida and completely destroyed my fiancé and I’s home.

With all those turns of events, I thought that this was the time to upgrade.  I was tossing around the Canon t4i and the Canon 60d.  Ultimately, I went with the 60d, and haven’t looked back since.


Of course you have to have a tri-pod.  This took me a little while to finally choose one to go with.  I ended up choosing to go with the Vanguard Alto Pro 264 AT with the SBH-250 head.  Overall, it’s been a pretty darn good tri-pod.  The tri-pod itself is really nice and sturdy.  I love the arm that comes out and allows you to get low to the ground. This is a fantastic feature for macro photography.  The head, SBH-250, is pretty good for my first ball-head.  It’s smooth and gets the job done.. But I think there is something much better than this one.  I will be looking to upgrade this in the near future though, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Sometimes though, there are too many knobs to turn to get your camera situated where you want it, and it ends up taking longer than I wanted to dial the camera into position.  I think I will be looking for a new ball-head in the near future.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


To protect my equipment, I just purchased a Vanguard Skybourne 48.  I absolutely LOVE this backpack.  Its pretty much ½ camera bag & ½ regular backpack with many expansion options.  skybourne_48


I also have a Crumpler 6-Million Dollar Home bag that I use as a messenger bag.  I’m actually looking to sell it, so if you are interested, please let me know.  I really like this bag, but it’s just too small for all of the equipment that I carry now.  I moved to the Crumpler after using the Manfrotto Agile II Sling Bag.  The sling was a nice feature while out on bike rides, but while walking around it didn’t work the greatest for me, and I didn’t have enough room for all of my lenses.


As for lenses, I’ve been able to get a nice little collection going.  Here is what I have:


Canon 18-135mm USM Lens w/ Hood
Canon 18-55mm USM Lens w/ Hood (Don’t hardly use anymore)
Canon 40mm 1.8 Lens w/ Hood
Canon 100mm IS Macro Lens w/ Hood
Canon 75-300mm 1.4 IS Lens


I just got a Lensbaby Scout, 12mm fisheye lens last week.  I’ve gone out one 1 shoot now with it, and so far the pictures have come out absolutely gorgeous!!  I’m so glad that I got this lens.  I thought that this lens would be a good one to start on for wide angle.  I couldn’t afford a really expensive wide angle right now, so this fir the bill nicely.